Meet Shawn

The Scoop

Over the past 10 years I continue to be a passionate, relational voice to youth and young adults. My heart is to help young people realize that there is hope and the future is full of light and life (despite life’s imperfections). Young people are not only unique, but they are divinely called by God to achieve great things for His glory. I find purpose in bridging the gap of understanding between the young and old(er). God has commissioned me to reveal Gospel truths that challenge the thinking and actions of youths, young adults and adults alike. My calling was revealed to me at the tender age of eight years old. Simply put, I am mandated to be a mouthpiece for God, to both the church and unchurched. This all has been made available to me by the redemptive power found in Jesus Christ, and his completed work on the cross.

" I often look back, not with regret, but to revel at the masterpiece
that God is crafting called, “my life”. "

The Mandate

My mandate is twofold. The first aspect is to develop a relevant, and engaging relationship with youth and young adult culture. I’m mandated to convey truth, by inspiring passion, engendering freedom and revealing liberty by introducing the wonders of a Christ led life. I do this so that young people know that they have access to unending grace and power. The second aspect of my mandate is being a passionate educator to adults about young people for the purpose of inspiring adults to mentor youth in grace and discernment. I fulfill my mandate by speaking, writing, creating engaging videos, and sharing content in social media.

The Speaker

I’m still standing in awe of our incredible God, in that He chose to use this “sinner” called Shawn. Every time that I get the opportunity to pour into a person’s life I get “jacked up”. My excitement comes from the fact that God pulled me out of such a dark place, and I know he’ll do the same for others. Without hesitation God saved me from so much turmoil. I get “jacked up” because I get to share God’s glory with others. I love seeing the light of God ignite inspiration and life into the people I meet, and when they come to the realization of God’s love I get so excited. Being awarded the opportunity to share the message that “We can love much, because we have been loved much” inspires me beyond measure. I think that it’s awesome that my occupational responsibility is to ensure that people around me know that we can accomplish what God has called us to do, because He fights our battles. When I share my story or teach Gospel truths (revealed in scripture) I get overwhelmed because I know that God’s redemptive power is put on display for the world to see and experience. I can’t stay still, calm, or quiet knowing that I have the privilege to share the liberating reality of God’s ever-enduring love; just ask my friends, they’ll tell you! I’d love to connect with you. Send me an email, or let’s chat in person!