Learning from Each other

A response to: How the New Christian left is twisting the Gospel The Church and Christians have made great stride in being culturally relevant. But in this stride some have over shot the intended target. For myself, the intended target in an open dialogue where we can actually disagree but still show love. When faced […]

Flat Tire

The family and I were rushing to get to my in-laws for Christmas. What a hectic day, I already had to leave work early and go to the hospital with my kids. Ezra had fallen and was showing concussion like symptoms but was later cleared. On the way to in-laws we got caught in a […]

Ezra’s Pain

        I was at my in-laws house. My oldest son, Ezra, who is two years old was being all kinds of fussy and I had no idea why. Then my wife realized that Ezra had his second molars coming in and he couldn’t cope with the pain anymore. So like any good father I wanted […]

All in A Football Life

In a chat with a great friend I had an epiphany about football and life. I realized that football (Any high level sport. This includes skateboarding just to be clear!) is the perfect outline to living a successful and purposed life, which ultimately leads to fulfillment. Hear me out even if you are not an […]