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A response to: How the New Christian left is twisting the Gospel

The Church and Christians have made great stride in being culturally relevant. But in this stride some have over shot the intended target. For myself, the intended target in an open dialogue where we can actually disagree but still show love. When faced with issues like this I often like to refer to the encounter with Jesus, the prostitute, and the accusers.

Jesus doesn’t agree with her sin but He understands what is needed to redeem her.

Jesus protects her from the accusers but says “go and sin no more”. This simply and profoundly shows the relevance and care of Jesus towards the people. We can come against this garbage (soft Christianity) by knowledge of God’s word and what it says (not what I want to say). Let us take Christ’s love to the hurting and lost with Truth and grace. Sin only has one outcome.

separation from/    / God.

No matter what it is, we shouldn’t aid in someone’s continued separation. If we don’t have love we have nothing that can produce “life”, we close the door of dialogue. A principle that I discovered from Ravi Zacharias.

“If truth is not under-girded by love, it makes the possessor of that truth obnoxious and the truth repulsive”

There is a place where “hip” church and “classic” church can meet. We can never go back to the way it was, We must take the great things that church from yesteryear, the “classic”: family, volunteering for others, donating, consistency, lyrically solid content, perspectives of worship, standing in worship (when possible), sticking to it when it’s tough, verse memorization, substance, , pursing transformation, and stability.

When stability inhibits ability counsel and change is needed.

We can adapts things from the “hip”; stating vision, branding, song writing, preaching on tough subjects, open doors for all, involving and providing space for children youth and young adults, purpose for gathering, colors, lights, speaker charisma, outreach and missional minded, measuring results, evaluate, creativity.

I have no problem with lights and all that, but when all “that” is all there is change and counsel is needed.

Leaders need to fear what God thinks about them and not what people think. We need to stop trying to make God “relevant” that’s His job. Do what God has asked you to do! These are my thoughts. #HeRedeems

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