4 After 4

         As I sit here desperately waiting for my wife to return from her trip (she was a part of the band the at the GenReal conference in Kansas City) I quickly noticed a lot of things in her absence during the past four days. I wonder if this is what she […]

Dream Chaser(Series): “Living the Dream”

When it comes to the Dream the best state to be in is “living the Dream”. So many people get distracted, or derailed while living the Dream, and forget that God is on our side. Know that God fights our battles, and that God is the ultimate redeemer. #HeRedeems. Living the dream means understanding that there is a process, […]

Dream Chaser (Series): “Trusting the Dream”

Trust is always a scary word because it demands that you give someone or something completely over to someone or something and in the process hand over all control. That is trust. Trust is always easy when things are going accord to the plan. But when things are not going according to the plan this where trust is […]

Dream Chaser (Series): “Building the Dream”

      “#IhaveaDream, but so what its only a dream.” I have heard this before and the truth is if you only look at the dream it will always stay a dream. God gives a Dream(vision) to show us that what he can accomplish through us. Where I see the breakdown between Dreams being a […]

Dream Chaser (Series): “Knowing the Dream”

The first and most important step to being a Dream Chaser is knowing what your dream is. Without knowing your dream any dream and its results become absorb by your life. This is sad but true fact that has taken hold of many people, young and old. With so many distractions and mored the 50 shades grey in […]