Dream Chaser (Series): “Knowing the Dream”

The first and most important step to being a Dream Chaser is knowing what your dream is. Without knowing your dream any dream and its results become absorb by your life. This is sad but true fact that has taken hold of many people, young and old. With so many distractions and mored the 50 shades grey in this world it can be hard to see clearly and see straight.

I see the #realstruggle all most every time I walk in a downtown area. I see young men trying to be hipster and gangsters and the same time, hahahaha! Problem is they don’t know which Dream to chase so they end up stuck into between two dreams, not know what to wear with confidence. This is like many of us when in comes to life.

If we take a look at young a man in bible, Daniel, who needed to know a dream or lose their life. We can take what he does and put these into practice in own lives when trying to know what our dream is. In Daniel chapter 2 we find out that king Nebuchadnezzar has had dream and he is completely rattled. To make matters more intense he doesn’t trust people around him advice. Word spreads of the kings demands,so Daniel talks to the king. This is where we can take what Daniel does and put them in the practice in or lives.

1. Daniel approaches the king (A life without a dream) that threatens his life with courage

2. He takes time (Patience gives perspective which allows perseverance to grow).

3. He prays and waits (Giving God control to do achieve what you can not)

4. Trust God’s answer is the answer. (The greatness of the dream God gives you, is the dream for you)

Know your dream you Dream Chaser it will give you life Jeremiah 29:11 “11 For I know thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. NKJV”

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