Dream Chaser (Series): “Trusting the Dream”

Trust is always a scary word because it demands that you give someone or something completely over to someone or something and in the process hand over all control. That is trust. Trust is always easy when things are going accord to the plan. But when things are not going according to the plan this where trust is really tested. At times God tests our trust in Him and other times the enemy tries to derail the dream. “But God!”@dcmann50 uses everything for our good.

Romans 8:28 (even sin once we have asked for forgiveness and have repented), for His Glory, to show omnipotent power and His unending grace.

The Dream does not change. 

     I the first book of the Bible, Genesis, in the 37th Chapter we come across a young man who is given a MEGA Dream. His name is Joseph and his God given Dream is that he will become a leader over a great multitude including his family. The bible says the Joseph, the youngest of 12, was openly favored by his father. Naturally when Joseph told his family, more so his brothers, about his Dream they were not happy. Actually they became so jealous that they planned to kill him, but instead to sold him into slavery. But the story doesn’t end there, he is accused of trying to rape his masters wife and put in prison. Then while in prison helps out other inmates with the meaning of their dreams and they forget to tell the king of Joseph anointing, for a time. His Dream is being tested. During this part of Joseph’s life we see:

1. Because you Dream is giving to you by God does not mean everyone will support you.

2. People will be jealous of your Dream and do what ever they can to stop you.

3. Keep integrity and keep moving while the Dream is in the process, not matter obstacles.

4. God is already sees the final product, and paints an incredible picture that leave us standing in awe.

Finally God brings Joseph out of the prisons into the very presence of the Pharaoh and Joseph gives the meanings of Pharaohs Dream. Then in an instant Joseph is promoted from prisoner slave to Govern of the land second only to Pharaoh (worldly ranking). In the midst struggle on the onslaught of life, TRUST THE DREAM, trust that God is using odd circumstances to give you an incredible Dream.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”


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