All in A Football Life

In a chat with a great friend I had an epiphany about football and life. I realized that football (Any high level sport. This includes skateboarding just to be clear!) is the perfect outline to living a successful and purposed life, which ultimately leads to fulfillment. Hear me out even if you are not an athlete, you can LEARN from this.

Playing football in university was a tough experience, though I loved those years and would not change it. I have never lived in purpose so “easily” then when I played football. Most people only got to see my teammates and I run out onto the field and play the game. But the game, life, demands so much more. It demands that I would do things that I did or didn’t want to do but were necessary. In using “football” words I will give you the areas I believe are necessary for success: School, Training, Meetings, Practice, and The Tunnel.

School (The work) It is what you must do in order to keep the door of opportunity open. If you won’t work then how can you expect to get to the field (your purpose). The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary!

Training (Cultivating Strength in the basics) There are things in ever sport that are must do’s be faster, stronger, quicker, bigger, etc. The do’s are only increased or maintained by doing the foundational movements required for the action. Run by running!

Meetings (Mental prep work for the road ahead) Knowing what your going to do when you encounter something gives you leverage over your opponent, your obstacle. It gives you the freedom to anticipate and adapt to circumstances.

Practice (Making things instinctual through physical repetition) Here is where the brain and body come into sync. This is a crucial stage, and you must be able to repeat consistently while also testing the boundaries of either aspect, the physical or mental. You don’t want to make mistakes when the bullets start flying for real.

The Tunnel (Simplicity gives you speed to the destination) When game time comes the goal is clear, get on the field and play. The simple goal is an attainable goal. Paying no mind to the distractions only to the destination. Make sure to not mistake urgent “things” for destination.

I believe that with pressing into each of these stages one can only put themselves in a position to succeed in what they are purposed for and have faith for. “Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” James 2:17

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